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Write Your Prescription To Healing!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

How to achieve healing through the power of a pen...

Even though we are not equally talented, most of us can write.

And whether you do it as a hobby or harbor dreams of penning an international bestseller, writing can be hugely beneficial to your overall well-being.

Indeed, according to one study, writing helps when you’re struggling with psychological turmoil or facing situations with a significant psychological impact.

Here is a break down of how journaling helps you restore your peace of mind and make you a better person..

Writing stabilizes our mental state

By taking your journal and jotting down your most traumatic thoughts, you ease tension.

This is because writing may aid your brain to cognitively process stressful memories, resulting in a better understanding of your feelings and circumstances that could be causing your anxiety.

Afterward, you can think of how to counter whatever these circumstances are and prevent a recurrence.

This gives you closure and the all-important emotional balance.

Writing helps our minds think and work through issues

Writing can save you if your brain is crumbling under dozens of thoughts brought about by certain happenings either at home or work.

You see, when you note something on a paper, you first somewhat ‘empty’ it from your tired mind.

Then, it’s very likely that you will write all the issues in order (like 1, 2, 3……). This is super important as it automatically ‘rearranges’ your mind enabling you to start thinking logically.

Subsequently, the ‘fog’ in your mind clears giving you a clear picture of what’s happening.

You can, accordingly, make better decisions.

Writing helps return positivity

When writing, we are distracted and our worries take a back seat.

Consequently, all the negative things you had heard are quickly forgotten and you return to the present moment.

Moreover, writing in your daily journal can help you realize about all the good fortunes that have befallen you and to express your gratitude.

This might help you gradually rediscover your positive vibes and your old joyous self.

Writing helps your mind, body, and spirit to reconnect

When you’re using your hands to type or pen something straight from your brain, you’re re-creating a crucial emotional-cum-spiritual link between your inner self and your body’s physical movements.

This helps your conscious talk to your emotions and vice-versa, an action which helps change the way we view issues.

You can hence recognize what you’re pondering about and try to reshape your thinking in order to better control your sentiments.

And so you won’t let terrible perceptions mess your mood.

Other benefits

Sparing some daily writing minutes could help you reap other fruits too.

For example, some of the participants in the previously-mentioned research showed signs of improved immune systems meaning they were taking fewer illness-triggered off days.

Others successfully normalized their blood pressure levels.

You might also become more creative over time.

And so on and so forth.


As we have seen, keeping your pen close can help you heal from stress and generally feel much better wholly.

That’s because writing creates a helpful distraction besides helping you think through disturbing issues.

Best of all, it’s cheaper than most other therapies not to mention something you can do with minimal input from your doctor. 

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