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Shoot your shot... AND Follow Through!

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

I am inspired by athletes. If you take notice, the greats #GOAT are endowed with some supernatural abilities and certain gifts. Also they are super disciplined and dedicated to their craft. They train, push themselves beyond the ordinary to extraordinary, and are relentless in breaking previously set records and limitations.

"If you haven't been accused of cheating, you probably are not trying hard enough!" -anonymous

I have been blessed with height, but I am very lacking in natural athletic ability. I often tell people these long, knock-kneed, pigeon toed lower extremities are just not designed for much running and usually walk in circles. My height still has been of great advantage, especially during my short lived volley ball career. Again, I was not the most talented on the team, however I definitely talked the most amount of trash!. I felt that I could because for what I might have lacked in true athletic ability, I compensated for in confidence. I was and still am very confident in my ability to find a way to win.

"I will Find a way, Make a way, and/or Push my way to the Win!" - Dr. KaNisha

So recently the Toronto #Raptors broke all types of records and were first time champions in the #NBAFinals. This phenomenal series with the Golden State #Warriors was a sensational back and forth of shot calling and big balling. The #DrakeMemes were by far the most entertaining for me. However ,the ultimate victory wasn't given to the team with the most shots taken but the team with the best follow through. The NBA player withe most attempted field goals (shots) of the season didn't even make it to the big game [James Harden #thebeard ]

Now I must apply a well-learned life, lesson of observation. I have watched many people manifest great ideas, concepts, and business plans that never come to fruition due to an inability to consistently complete task and execute. That's right sometimes I refer to myself as "Many People."

"You will ALWAYS miss a 100% of the shots you never take!" - Andre' aka Uncle Dre'

I never want to discourage anyone from shooting their shot. #ShootYourShot I just don't want you to stop after the initial thrust of forward motion. The key is to follow through with the complete active movement from the sight, aim, elevation, arc, decent ... SWISH! #NothingButNet.

I made a commitment to myself to finish all of these projects that I have started and the result has been a whole lot of winning. Can I share a few keys to my success? Of course I can! Its MY BLOG!

1. Short term goals are designed to get a specific task accomplished with measurable success.

2. Be accountable. Actually add task and to-do items to you calendar with deadlines

3. Trust only 1 or 2 confidants to keep you honest and make sure your follow thought game is on point.

4. Give yourself permission to ask for help.

5. When overwhelmed, down size! If one task seems too big, or appears to be a road block, try to accomplish the big task with a summation of smaller more attainable goals.

"Skyscrapers, towers, homes, and tents are start with foundation and framework!" - Dr. KaNisha

With that being said, the biggest and greatest architectural designs may resemble the simplest structure in the beginning. The end result is still accomplished with consistent execution of a blue print. Start with a good foundation.

I am always open to topics my readers and followers want tackle head on. Drop me an email or DM. Shoot your shot! I will follow through!

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