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Back to School & The Struggle is REAL!

Share my struggles as a mom to get this little princess ready for #backtoschool

It’s back to school again, and preparation towards this must be high up on the list

of things-to-do for many parents. Of course, just like it is every year – that one week before the start of the academic year can pose challenges in varying forms to both the parents and their kids. Thus, preparation is essential for a smooth transition from summer fun to scholastic success!

Below, we have 3 quick tips for parents (especially moms), which will help them avoid getting into overwhelming situations.

1. Plan your budget, supply list, uniform/clothing expenses

A budget is key. You do not want to add stress to the situation by over spending. You can charge it all to a credit card now, but I would hate for the monthly statement to ruin your holiday shopping in the future. Be smart. Go through all of your supply list, especially if you have more than one child.. Also consolidate with other parents and moms to buy in bulk and increase savings. .

2.GET SUPER ORGANIZED NOW, before it all hits that fan.

The to-do list should include the kid(s) registration, organizing transportation obtaining the school calendar, getting medical checkups, etc. Get all of the important dates on the calendar for the entire semester. Get contact information for your children's friends and parents to share car pooling duties. Consider meal planning for the first week. 'What's for dinner" should be the least of your worries right now!

2. Start right now!

Knowing fully well that the routine over the last few weeks is not going to be the same with the upcoming one, it is of great advantage to prepare the mind and body. Both the kids and you should begin to get involved in activities that will help condition everyone for the start of school.

For entertainment and fun, there should be less TV watching and more brain-teasing, mental

development game play. Kids should be encouraged to sleep earlier than they have been doing in the last few weeks. You should refresh your kids of safety measures, traffic rules, contact numbers, etc.

3. Create an exciting look-forward atmosphere

Either your kid(s) is going to school for the first time or resuming their academics. Still, the emotional attachment to their summer vacation and bed have grown. Therefore, to minimize the potential anxiety and worry, you should create a positive and exciting experience for them. Involved with in the planning. Remind them that their return to school means seeing their friends, fun school activities.

I purchased school shirts for the entire family to wear to the first football game to build excitement and give everyone something they can look forward to enjoying.

4. Parents reward yourself and book it right now.

Book a massage, spa day, hair appointment, date night, or any fun even WITHOUT THE KIDS for about 2-3 weeks after the start of school. SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH... its necessary!

The better person you are, the better parent you are!

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